Pink Maxi Dress

Nasty Girl Dress (similar one, two and three) | Guess Jelly Sandals (similar)

Last month I flew to Thailand for the first time (Asia in general for the first time!), and it was incredible. I will be compiling a travel post together to share on here too. We stayed in Phuket the whole time, and it was a true holiday. You know how sometimes you end up doing so much it doesn't feel like a holiday when you get back? This one was a great combination of seeing some beautiful areas, but also lots of relaxing. 

This dress has sat in my wardrobe since the beginning of 2020 (aside from a brief outing on my birthday that year), and it was crying to be worn. It's a very floaty and easy material, and you can see the bottom got a bit wet (courtesy of Monsoon season) but it dried very quickly. I love this sort of dress, the one you can just throw on it and it works, and looks like you put in far more effort than you actually did. You could also wear this dress with a heeled sandal and go for a more put together look. 

Wishing everyone a fabulous Summer, hooray it's July!!