Lake District Weekend - Lake Windermere


Calvin Klein Gilet (similar) | Karen Millen Cashmere Jumper (similar) | All Saints Jeans (similar here & here) | Clarks Boots (similar here & here) | Zara Coat (similar)

Our suite at Storrs Hall Hotel

Calvin Klein Gilet (similar) | Mountain Warehouse Fleece (similar) | North Face Thermal Leggings | Jack Walker Hiking Boots

I recently got back from one of the best trips I've had in a long time. To live somewhere as beautiful as England, and not explore it has been such a waste. Although I don't appreciate or like how things are going worldwide, I am grateful it has forced me travel within my own country and really discover some incredible places. The Lake District has to be one of the UK's most beautiful areas. 

We visited for a long weekend, and stayed at the Storrs Hall hotel which we already have planned to revisit. It was a stunning property, with really good food and beautiful rooms. There are lots of areas to walk from the hotel itself which meant no driving once I got there (#relaxing). We also brought our inflatable kayak, and were able to take off from the hotel water front and explore Lake Windermere. Some days were choppy, but we got lucky and had great weather for this one day. 

I've definitely decided to do more rural life vs city life. My sights are set on a road trip in Scotland next Summer....  Would love some tips on where to go for this. 

Dressy by the Harbour


Boohoo Dress | Guess Sandals (similar) | Coach Bag (similar) | Ferragamo Sunglasses (similar

If you were to go back in time on this blog, you would find a lot of my outfits get re-worn for different seasons (for example this dress in Winter). I think I've come to the conclusion, less really is more. I'm over the clutter additional clothing items create. However, I also feel I have a good collection and if I start a deep clear out of items I actually wear I'll end up buying more again. Anyone else?? 

That being said, I'm very into long sleeve dresses, they just work for multiple seasons and occasions. That and my cashmere jumpers are probably my favourite items.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I'm typing this from my courtyard, while doing a massive photo clear out on my phone. Is that not what Sunday's are for?

Transitioning Summer Tops into Autumn

Top (similar here & here) | Zara Jacket (similar here & here) | Karen Millen Trousers (similar here & here) | Zara Shoes (similar here & here) | Mango Bag (similar here & here)

Can you believe it's almost Halloween?! I'm excited for this season (which is rare), and looking forward to staying indoors more with my own thoughts. I'm very into van life videos on YouTube, so that makes me want to go outside a little bit but mostly obsessing over the different van layouts and tours. Anybody else?

Has anyone started Christmas shopping? I want this year to be more about experiences and less about physical items. So I think that's where my focus shall be when it comes to gifts. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week.  


Black summer dress and evenings in London


Karen Millen Dress (similar here & here) | Clarks Wedges (similar) | Zara Coat (similar here & here) | Zara Bag (similar styles here & here) | Givenchy Sunglasses 

I passed my 1st exam, which I had end of August! I took almost 3 weeks off work to study for it, as well as many weekends and spare time I had prior to that. So pleased. Now onto the next one. Feels like being back at vet school. I've got 2 more exams to take before I will have the option to work in the US as a vet. It also is accepted in other countries, so it will be nice to have the flexibility to work elsewhere outside of Europe in the future. 

This weekend was great. Friday evening we went into London and watched Back to the Future, the musical. It by far exceeded my expectations. I haven't watched any of the movies so I didn't really know the story, but I'm definitely planning on watching them now. Highly recommend if you are in London. 

It was still warm enough for Summer attire, and this was the perfect evening but still a bit more laid back outfit. I always forget how much I love London. Yesterday I went kayaking. There are so many rivers and waterways in England and it's such a lovely activity. We bought an inflatable kayak, so lots of flexibility with transporting it in the car. It may be my favourite new thing to do!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I've picked up an extra few hours of work this evening, so I'll be off to that. The vet staffing shortage is so real, I may film a YouTube video about it. 

White Ruffle Blouse on the Beach


Nasty Gal Blouse (similar here & here) | All Saints Jeans (similar) | Karen Millen Jumper (similar) | Furla Bag (similar here & here) | Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses (similar here & here)

Writing to you at 11pm on Monday evening. I hope you had a lovely weekend, these photos are from a few weekends back. I love being by the beach and sea, and will head down to Dorset at any opportunity. Also, how fabulous is this blouse?? 

I've spent all weekend studying, and I shared it all on Youtube. I also filmed a new instagram reels, which you can find here. I have decided the new corridor to the barn shall be my catwalk! Because, why not?

Wishing you all a wonderful week. This is my last week working before solidly buckling down with revision. I'm actually looking forward to it, although once I'm in the thick of it, I'll probably just be stressed. 

Coastal Casual


Karen Millen Top (similar here & here) | All Saints Jeans (similar) | Clarks Flats | Coach Bag | Gucci Sunglasses (similar)

Ok, this top was 100% one of my better impulse purchases. It's a really nice thick material, and super flattering. I love how this outfit is casual, but still very put together. Also, you just can't beat a classic black pair of patent flats. They go with everything and look fabulous. These are actually my second pair from Clarks (believe it or not, I used to wear them for work). 

This weekend went by far too quickly, and I'm ready for the next one. Even though I'm currently studying in any free time, I still love the flexibility of being at home and changing my seating situation (courtyard vs sofa vs desk vs bed). The barn is coming along, and we now have flooring! The tiles are a marble pattern, it's really gorgeous. In fact, I think the room would make a fabulous photoshoot room! 

I hope you are having a great start to the week. Chat soon!

Weekend in Dorset & Reflecting

Zara Top (similar here & here) | Primark Shorts (similar here & here) | Travel Bag (similar) | Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses (similar here & here) | Guess Wedges (similar here & here)

I love a good weekend bag. Truth be told I also had a hand luggage rolling suitcase. This outfit is just so chic, and if I owned a yacht I would wear it on there. Or, even if someone invited me over for a warm Summer night dinner. Probably stick to flat shoes for the daytime. Also, these wedges I just couldn't resist, they were another TKMaxx find. I had a bit of moment with that shop, and visited it on an almost daily basis for weeks. Crazy, but how else do you find fabulous bargains?? That's how I justified it! 

Does anyone else go in phases with the type of content they are interested in? For example, when it comes to Youtube videos, sometimes I will be in a flight attendant phase for months on end and then take a break and go back to those channels. Currently, I have rediscovered just how much I love watching The Chateau Diaries with Stephanie Jarvis. I mean, she is such an inspiring person, and I love how her childhood dreams were never squashed. This is something I feel we should never allow anyone to take away, our dreams. 

I'm thinking about my next Youtube video, and how I really want to make time for all the things that fill me. Let me know if there is anything you would be interested in seeing! I'm laying very low for the rest of the Summer, as I'm spending every weekend studying. 

British Summer


Primark Hairband (similar) | New Look Top (similar here & here) | All Saints Jeans (similar) | Zara Bag (similar & fabulous!) | H&M Slides (similar here & here) | Karen Millen Jumper (similar) | Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses 

Is this outfit and background not just the definition of a British Summer?? Given that it often remains just a little cold, and you basically always need a jumper on hand. Also, is this not the prettiest village? I found this top in a charity shop, and I loved it. Sometimes, it really is worth checking them out, especially if located in a slightly affluent area. There can be some incredible finds. Speaking of, I found these sunglasses in TKMaxx and they are just fabulous! I have been on the hunt for a new pair of sunnies for a while. The only thing I am missing is to get some prescription ones for the pool. 

This week was busy, but I have managed to get properly stuck into studying this weekend. My first US exam is coming up soon, and I feel grossly underprepared. Fortunately I still have some time. I just need to imagine living in the Florida Keys one day, to serve as inspiration. It just so happens to be my dream location to live in. One day it shall most definitely happen!

The perfect smart office look

 H&M Wrap Jumper (similar here & here) | Karen Millen Trousers (similar) | Clarks Flats | Zara Bag (similar)

Happy Monday! I hope you are having a fabulous start to the week. This outfit is so chic, comfy and classy. I love it, and think it would make for a great travel outfit - especially in business class! There is lots of work going on in the house, the barn extension is coming along but still needs proper flooring. But, we have an outdoor courtyard space now, to sit in and relax. Super lovely, as I reckon it will start warming up again. 

I spent the weekend in Poole, Dorset. It was lovely, as always. One of my favourite places to go in the UK for sure. I love being by the harbour (which BTW is the 2nd largest natural harbour in the world - Sydney being the 1st). Photos to follow soon.