Picnic Walk

It seems lockdown in England is finally easing up, and I was able to meet a university friend in Surrey on Sunday. It was really sunny, and we wanted to book a National Trust to visit but they all need to be reserved now, and the slots go so quickly! So we went to the National Trust Swan Barn Walk, which is basically a lot of beautiful fields and meadows, and some woodlands. 

We took a picnic, and my friend Kelly made some really good prawn and avocado with mayonnaise wraps. I am definitely recreating them soon. I brought a fabulous chocolate cake and strawberries. Can you think of a better lunch? 

This outfit was perfect for the picnic, and my new bag very appropriate. We did change into walking leggings and trainers afterwards though!

In other news, I'm currently in the process of moving and have a month left at my current job. It's been a crazy time, and work hasn't stopped, but I'm ready for a holiday! I mean, who isn't?!