Florida Roadtrip




I'm finally sharing some photos from my Florida trip in October. My friend and I did a road trip covering the Florida Keys, mainly Key West followed by Orlando and Miami. It was probably one of the most incredible holidays. The weather was fabulously hot, and I really miss the sunshine. Key West was more of a relaxing holiday, with some fun nights out. We also visited the Turtle Hospital.

We spent a couple days in Orlando, doing a day in the Magic Kingdom and another in Universal Studios. Harry Potter world was incredible, but we especially liked that they offered single rider queue, as it meant we got to do most of the high intensity rides. I definitely didn't expect to fall in love with Universal as much as I did. The whole park was brilliant, and I really liked the Doctor Zeus and Simpsons areas. 

The last few days were spent in Miami, staying primarily in Miami Beach. Absolute bliss is what it was! We were hoping to catch site of some Manatees, and visited Key Biscayne in the hopes of seeing some in the wild. We didn't unfortunately, but it was a lovely area to visit., and just means I have to go back again soon!