Belgravia, London

Betty Barclay Blazer (similar here & here) | Primark T-Shirt (similar) | Zara Shorts (similar) | Furla Bag (similar) | Gucci Sunglasses (similar) | Tommy Hilfiger Espadrilles (similar) 

Last weekend I took a last minute trip to Austria to visit my mum. Nothing like booking everything last minute (literally the day before). I think I would succeed at a personal assistant job!

This weekend  I'm just trying to organize my home and life (this job is never-ending!), as I'm travelling again next week, and can't wait! I'm also having a bit of blonde moment with my hair, and keep fiddling with it, never quite sure what I'll choose next.

The above outfit I wore about a month ago, wandering around London. I may have gone into the Harrods tea room, and felt majorly underdressed though! So probably more of a casual ice-cream outside sort of outfit.

Hope you are all having a lovely week! 

White in Castle Ruins

Zara Dress (similar here & here) | Tommy Hilfiger Flats (similar) | Quay Sunglasses (similar) | Furla Bag (similar)

I loved this dress the minute I saw it, and then I bought it only to discover it would rain for the next couple months. So pleased I have finally gotten to wear it. Nothing beats a white Summer dress. In fact, I think I need more. I do, however always get anxious about wearing it for a long day out. Anyone else convinced they will spill something, and be stuck walking around with a huge stain all day?

This weekend I drove up to Dedham Vale,  located on the Essex-Suffolk beauty. It has been termed an area of outstanding natural beauty. I met up with a good friend from university, and we went on a 3 hour walk. Not quite what we thought it would take, but beautiful none the less. We also found lots of untouched blackberries, and a mid-walk snack is always welcome! I definitely want to go back and explore further, since it's not far from London.

Wishing everyone a good week back after the holidays!