Floral Top

Primark Top (similar) / Mango Jeans (similar) / Quay Sunglasses (similar) / Tommy Hilfiger Flats (similar

I hope everyone is enjoying their bank holiday Monday, if you live in the UK. I spent it down in Poole visiting my brother. It's definitely one of my favourite places in England. I could stare at the marina all day, watching the boats. We also took a boat trip to Swanage which was lovely, and I might have gotten a bit sunburnt in the process. 

Anyway, I wish I could find this floral top online, but I bought it a couple months ago, so it's possible you can still find it in a Primark shop. It was such a good purchase, and so affordable. 

Also Buddy wanted to be featured on the blog, isn't he so cute?! 

Day in the Countryside (& the most handsome dog)

Mango Jumper (similar here & identical here!) / Zara Trousers / Tommy Hilfiger (very similar)

Happy Sunday! I drove up to the Newmarket area yesterday to visit a friend. It was gorgeous, and she lives in a beautiful village, the whole area being surrounded by thatched cottages and meadows. It was a true Escape to the Country. Newmarket is famous for it's horses and hosts races throughout most of the Summer. We took a walk up one of the racetracks, with her very handsome German Pointer. Obviously he steals the shots! 

Today, I think I will go to the gym and possibly look into getting the newer iPhone, because I'll be in Dorset next weekend, and it would be so lovely if I could get some good quality shots to share.

Update: Where have I been?

Hi! It's been a while, and some things have happened (mostly work related) but I have visited a few of my favourite places this year also. I never intended to stop blogging when I moved back to the UK and started working as a vet, but it just got so busy, and I think I needed to focus 100% of my attention on  actually trying to be a vet. Do you know what I mean? 

Anyway, things have finally settled, and I have come to really enjoy my job, and not live every moment in fear. But, I have missed blogging a lot! I sold my Canon camera, because I felt it was too bulky and whenever I would go into London or travel (hand luggage only please) I found I wouldn't bring it. So, new plan. I'm hoping to get a new phone in the next few months (the iPhone XS) and use that for my blog photos also. Ultimately I just want to return to sharing my love of fashion and show you my outfits, because between the last time I blogged and now my wardrobe has seen to an upgrade. 

Below are a few snaps from my recent trip to Tenerife: 

Zara Top (similar style, different colour options)|Zara Jeans (similar)Havaianas |Gucci Sunglasses (similar)|Furla Bag (similar|Swarovski Earrings (similar)

I may or may not have gone sort of blonde, and I really like it!

Favourite dish: garlic prawns. I got these at the Meson el Monasterio in the North of the island, highly recommend if you visit!

Zara Top (similar)|Zara Jeans (similar)|Tommy Hilfiger Flats (similar)|Gucci Sunglasses (similar)

Pre-blonde days. I miss that view!

Boat trip to see the whales, it was incredible! 

Missguided Dress (similar here & here)

Missguided Swimsuit (similar here & here)|Gucci Sunglasses (similar)

Puma Top (similar)|Under Armour Leggings (similar)|Adidas Trainers (similar)|Gucci Sunglasses (similar)

Hike in the mountains, with spectacular views of Mount Teide. 

A glimpse of what driving around the island can look like, the locals have no idea how lucky they are!

Primark Parka Disney Bow|Adidas Trainers (similar)|Under Armour Leggings (similar)

I also got to re-visit my favourite place in the entire world, bar none! Disneyland Paris. It's so easy to get to on the Eurostar from London, I wish I could afford to go every weekend, because I so would. 

Primark Parka|Adidas Trainers (similar)|Under Armour Leggings (similar)

Outside the Ratatouille attraction, it was far better than I expected, with a 3D ride (or do they call it 4D?)  

The beautiful ferry boat and the Haunted Mansion in the background (was closed for refurbishment, but I hear just re-opened, obviously just need to go back ASAP).

F&F Ski Suit|Zara Scarf (similar)

And a quick trip home to Austria for Christmas. I'm hoping to do a proper ski trip next year, maybe France? Although I did really like the slopes at Semmering, and it's less than a couple hours from Vienna. Very convenient. 

Well, that's all! I hope to get back to posting regularly again in the next couple of months.