Chanel Inspired Skirt

Zara Skirt (very similar) | Primark Jumper | Furla Bag (similar for the holidays) | CCC Boots (similar

If you know me personally, then you know my style has always been very classic. Tweed pretty much sums that up. I really, really love it and to be honest when it comes to the high street, Zara really does it best. Hence why it's probably the only shop I can't walk past without going in!

This past month, I have been focusing a lot of energy into making my house a home. It's such a joy to buy a piece here and there and see the difference it makes, and the excitement it brings. Things as small as putting up hooks and a shoe rack when you first walk in,  have made such a difference! It really does do a lot for your happiness to make the most of the small things. 

This weekend, my plan is to get the Christmas tree and decorations up, including lights. My neighbours have been putting me to shame, all the homes are so beautifully lit. Definitely a perk I didn't see coming about living in the UK again. 

I hope your weekend is going well, and the gift wrapping isn't too intense :)