Handmade Jumper (similar) | Mango Jeans (similar) | Hunter Wellies | Fjallraven Bag/Backpack | Sunglasses (similar

One of my good friends made this beautiful typical Norwegian jumper. I mean, she actually knitted it start to finish! I asked her if she had any cool jumpers to borrow and share on the blog, and genuinely thought this was from a shop. Also, if you know any Norwegian students (or not students) they probably own this bag. It's a really practical lightweight piece, and I really like how you can use it as a backpack or a bag. 

How has your weekend been? I went for drinks Friday evening and then to brunch with my friend (who shot these photos, thank you! :)). Avocado bread and pancakes are basically mandatory when your entire existence is revolving around revision and finalising (finally!) my dissertation. I have the nicest friends, also last weeks outfit was shot by another good friend on a brunch visit too! This week I am back for lessons, so it will be another busy one!