Double Burgundy

Zara Dress (similar) | Zara Bag (similar) | CCC Boots (similar

This is the outfit I wore to my mother's birthday, which we celebrated in Bratislava several weeks ago. As you can see there is snow on the ground, so it was freezing. As much as I would have liked to wear sky high stilettos, it was not at all realistic. Instead, I opted for my new boots which have a thicker heel that can handle a bit of snow. I love this dress. I picked it up in the sales quite a few years ago and still get wear out of it. It's the sort of dress everyone needs in their wardrobe. If you work in a corporate environment it's perfect. 

Today I am up earlier than usual (which is still super late!) in the hopes I can get myself back onto a normal sleeping schedule. I am naturally a night owl, and tend to get my best revision done come evening, but it means I can't fall asleep until around 4am which is horrific. I'm meeting my friend for lunch today, which is the only way I am getting through this revision, by getting out and taking breaks! Do you have any good study tips?