So Much Snow!

New Yorker Jumper (similar) | Zara Leggings (very similar) | Zara Scarf (similar) | Hunter Wellies | c/o Sudio Wireless Earphones | Zara Coat (similar) | M&S Gloves 

Looking back on these photos brings good memories, of a couple weeks ago when there knee deep snow. This is the sort of winter I can appreciate and enjoy. Unfortunately, the current situation is more along the lines of ice, but we are due for more snow in the next few days! Sudio is a brand that reached out to me, asking if they could send their wireless earphones for me to try. I wasn't asked to write about them, but I honestly have been using them non-stop, because they are extremely practical when you are wearing five thousand layers. If you were interested, I have a 15% off code CLOUD2017 you can use if you wish.

I have been really productive this week with getting cases for my dissertation. Also I created a study schedule which I have been sticking to, even though it has meant lots of late nights. It's just a few months before I graduate, so I need to just keep going. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

How To: Skirt in Winter

Stefanel Jumper (similar) | Tally Weijl Skirt (similar here & here) | CCC Boots (similar) | Hat (similar) | Thermal Tights

I really enjoy getting to wear some of my skirts and dresses yearly whenever possible. Throwing on some thermal tights and OTK boots makes it so easy. It's also ridiculously comfortable, like wearing leggings and a comfy jumper almost. 

It has been in the minuses for about ten days or more, so I have barely left my apartment. I have also been focusing on writing my dissertation (why does it take so long?!) and starting revision. I'm hoping to get out a bit more this week, just to coffee shops for pancakes and avocado bread, where I will bring my revision with me.

What is your plan for the week? 

Snow & Stripes

Zara Top (similar) | Betty Barclay Blazer (similar) | Zara Trousers | Forever21 Choker (similar) | CCC Boots (similar) | Bag (similar) | Zara Coat (similar) | Zara Scarf (similar)

Last week we celebrated my mother's birthday in a really good restaurant called Klee am Hanslteich. If you live in Vienna or nearby I would highly recommend it. It was beautiful and snowy and had a cabin feel while still being modern. My OTK boots were perfect since we didn't do much walking in the snow, and they kept me warm while still dressed up. 

There was a lot of snow this weekend, which was a lot of fun to walk around in. It has felt like I'm in a ski resort as there is so much of it and it doesn't look like it will be going anywhere this week. Luckily I don't have to go out much, as I just have my dissertation to work on and studying. I do sometimes wish I could book a ticket to somewhere tropical and warm for a few days though. I really miss wearing summer clothes, anyone else?

Cosy Winter Coat x2

Zara Coat (similar) | Zara Jeans (similar) | Aigner Bag (similar) | CCC Boots (similar) | Mango Scarf (similar) | Sleek Make-Up Lipstick 

This coat is the cosiest winter item, which paired with a heeled boot still looks put together. I would also wear it with my wellies though, for a casual rainy day. I wore this two separate days, so I thought I would share photos from both. Isn't the snowy background stunning?! It snowed again in Austria this weekend, so I have a few more snowy backgrounds to come. 

Today I travelled back to university for my very last semester (fingers crossed!). I have a lot of work to do, but I'm happy to just sit on the sofa and physically relax and drink lots of tea. The holidays are officially over, but I'm hoping to get some skiing in as well in the coming weeks.

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Pepe Jeans Coat (similar) | Mango Jeans (similar) | Ezzio Booties (similar) | Michael Kors Bag (similar) | Choker (similar) | Swarovski Necklace | Sleek Make-up Lipstick 

This is one of my favourite shoots. I really love how the photos and outfit turned out. The weather was perfect, although absolutely arctic, but absolutely gorgeous with ice clinging to the branches. I have had this coat for several years, and still love it. It's typical to see a sea of black winter coats this time of year (sometimes with myself included!) so it's nice to change things up. I also love the layered choker and necklace with hair thrown in a bun. 

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years and are ready to start the year off right. I am excited to dedicate some more time to this blog, but also to really try and get on top of all the things I need to get done, especially school wise. Other than that, I have decided to skip making resolutions, anyone else with me on that?