Icy Winter Day

Stefanel Jumper | Vogele Top (similar here & here) | Hunter Wellies | Zara Leggings (very similar) | Asos Sunglasses (similar

It may not look it, but this outfit is so comfortable and perfect for a put together but casual Winter outfit. Of course, I also wore a coat and scarf on top. These were shot on Saturday, and although it was very foggy, the snow/ice looked stunning, and clung to all the trees and individual branches. I thought it would be brighter, hence the sunglasses, but they ended up just staying on my head. 

I passed my exam last week, and now I am writing this from Austria, as I am back for the holidays. This is the longest Christmas break I will have had in years, which is going to be lovely. I'm also really rooting for some more snow, so fingers crossed we get some soon.

Do you have snow where you are? I would also love to know what your go to outfit is on days like these. Have a great week!