Poole Harbour

Zara Dress (similar) | Zara Faux Leather Jacket (similar) | Pavers Faux Fur (similar) | H&M Boots (this years version) | Asos Sunglasses (very similar

This is one of my favourite type of autumn outfits. Over the knee boots with a basic dress and then accessorising with some fluffy faux fur. It was a beautiful sunny day, so much I ended up not needing the jacket, although the previous day it was extremely windy. A good outfit caters to quick temperature changes. I really loved being by the harbour, as we used to have a boat when we lived in England growing up, and someday I would love to have one too. Waking up to this kind of view definitely falls into the #lifegoals for me. 

Thank you so much for your comments on my previous post. I'm really starting to look forward to the new chapter in my life once I graduate next year. I was asked why I don't want to move back to Tenerife, and instead want to go the States. There are several reasons, Tenerife is beautiful but still a small island from which every holiday requires a plane ride. Also, being that I will be working as a vet, I want to work in a country where people will go above and beyond for their pets, and Spain unfortunately doesn't fall into that category. The weather and coast is of course a big factor, which is why England isn't a final destination.  

This week I am spending at home, inside, studying all day long. Hibernation in full swing, only I would much prefer the sleeping kind. Hopefully it will be over soon and my exam goes well next week. Thanks for reading!

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