Dealing with Homesickness & Life Dreams

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Growing up on a beautiful, tropical island just off the coast of Morocco was a dream. So when I had to move to central Europe and start veterinary university, it was more of a struggle than I initially expected. My mother also moved, so I no longer had a home there to return to during the holidays. The hardest part was adjusting to the climate change, and no longer having sea views from almost anywhere. In fact there would be no more sea views at all. 

I have been back a couple of times since I left, first a year after and then just last year. It helped, and in some way made me miss it more. The lifestyle is very different in the Canaries to the rest of Europe. It's very relaxed and everyone (and I mean everyone) is so incredibly friendly and helpful. 

This last summer I think I really started to enjoy myself here, without wishing I was back in Tenerife. When the hot weather rolled around, I took to studying by the pool everyday, much like I used to before. This was huge for me, since the water is what I truly miss the most, along with warm weather.  And now that it's getting colder again, I am actually looking forward to frolicking in the snow and embracing my last year here (my full winter wardrobe helps too).  

If you know me personally, then you know my dream is to one day move to the States. Either the East or West coast, somewhere not far from the sea, and where the sun shines most of the year.