Black Choker & Cakes

Zara Top | New Yorker Shorts (similar) | Claire's Choker | Ralph Lauren Sandals (similar) | Aigner Bag (similar) | Asos Sunglasses 

I must apologize for the over-exposure on these photos and blurriness. As much as it pains me, I'm posting it, because I love the background and after this post, I'm trying to be less hard on myself with my blog photography. I am trying to improve, but there will be errors, and I'm not unlimited on time and photographer's (mother/friends)time. It was one of those sunny days where you can't quite see if the image is correctly lit or not. I scored this top on sale in Zara, and it was one of those one left in your size so it's meant to be moments. I decided a black choker was the way to really take this outfit to the next level, and now I want to add the choker to every outfit. 

I have spent my week working on my dissertation mostly, but I also headed to Vienna for the day (where these photos are taken) and to Bratislava another day. It's one of the fabulous advantages of living near the two closest capitals in the world. I'm getting ready to go back to university now, and while I am ridiculously excited to begin my final year, I feel my dissertation still looming over like a dark cloud.