White Out

Lindex Top (similar) | New Yorker Shorts (similar) | Bata Wedges (similar) | Bag (similar) | Asos Sunglasses

Who doesn't love an all white outfit? It's incredibly easy to put together and you can accessorise whichever way you like (AKA you get to wear the shoes you want without thinking twice). I also really like this round bag, since it's not seen as often and I am somewhat over the bucket and square bag (even though I still adore them, but you know, new and different excites me).

This morning I am trying to get as much revision in as possible, because I am going to my boyfriend's graduation in the afternoon. It's my last time off before shutting myself away in my apartment with my revision. Chat soon! 


Holding my mother's ice-cream as well as my own here, because it was dangerously tipping at 90° while she tried to take my photo. 

Zara Top (similar) | Zara Jeans (similar) | Ralph Lauren Sandals (similar) | Aigner Bag (similar) | Asos Sunglasses

Today I'm sharing some photos of the centre of Innsbruck. The typical small streets and shops and beautiful, quirky buildings are so unique you can't help but fall in love with it. This is what I wore for the sightseeing. The weather was rather unpredictable so I chose to wear sandals with jeans and a t-shirt, to have some layers but not be too warm.

The weather has gotten very warm now, which makes studying rather convenient since I don't have to  leave my flat in general, unless it's for food. I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Achen Lake

Quick Fact: Lake Achen is located in Tyrol, Austria and is the highest lake there. It also never reaches a temperature of above 20 degrees (celsius) because it's so deep. 

After visiting the lake, we took a short ride on a classic, old steam train, which was lovely. Below is the entrance to the Swarovski cave / factory, which was incredible. If you follow me on snapchat (stilettocloud), you will have seen my whole tour inside. I didn't snap any photos on my camera though because I'm not experience enough with my camera and using the flash would have looked terrible.  
H&M Top (similar) | Tommy Hilfiger Jumper | Bijou Brigitte Necklace (similar) | Zara Jeans (similar) | H&M Shoes | Mango Clutch | Asos Sunglasses 

I spent a long weekend in the west of Austria, which is definitely the most scenic and beautiful part. We visited Innsbruck and Achen Lake which is stunning, as well as the Swarovski factory (an absolute must if you love the brand as much as I do!). The weather held up and didn't rain until Sunday when we were travelling back. It was quite chilly, so although I packed dresses and shorts, I didn't get to wear them.

Also, I am so sorry about the lack of post on Friday. I actually had a total panic when I realized I hadn't scheduled a post, at around lunchtime on the Friday. I hope this weeks travel posts make up for it, since I really wanted to share some good content with you. I'm back at university again now and it's really hot here, so hopefully I can share some more summery looks with you soon. 

Burgundy in Summer & Co-Hosting a LINK-UP

H&M Skirt (similar) | New Yorker Top (similar) | Zara Blazer (similar) | Zara Heels (sold out, similar) | Necklace (similar) | Asos Sunglasses

You may remember I bought this skirt for my Oktoberfest outfit, and I specifically chose a style and colour to later re-wear with other outfits. I love what a blazer and a pair of heels can do to an outfit, it really elevates a look. Burgundy was so in last season, who is to say you can't transition it into your summer wardrobe too?

I passed my exam on Monday! I can't even tell you how relieved and happy I am about it, since it's one of the biggest. So I'm heading home for a few days. I have one more exam I need to come back for, but it feels good that there is only one left before summer.

Anyway, onto todays link-up. I'm excited to be co-hosting for the first time with Monica. Her outfit today is beautiful, and those pom pom sandals are the perfect addition to a white dress. Check out her Instagram & Facebook

Hey y'all!  My name is Monica and I blog over at Jersey Girl, Texan Heart.  Today's linkup is being co-hosted by Lindsay and let me tell you her outfits are STUNNING! Don't forget to link up with us today. 

Casual Study Outfit

Mango Top (similar) | Zara Jeans (similar) | H&M Sunglasses (similar) | Longchamp Bag | H&M Flats (similar) | H&M Tumbler Cup (similar)

So my exam is in a few days, and I'm so nervous, since it's a really big one and involves a whole committee that will listen to me. My friend took these photos last week when we were studying together. My jeans are very stretchy and comfy, so they were perfect for sitting and studying. Nobody wants to study in uncomfortable clothes.

Also, next weeks post will go up on Wednesday (so a day later), because I will be co-hosting a link-up with another fabulous fashion blogger. 

Keeping this short, and returning to my revision now. Have a great weekend!

Graduation Ball

River Island Dress (similar) | Zara Heels | Michael Kors Clutch (similar) | Necklace (similar)

On Friday I went to my boyfriends graduation ball, and this is the look I wore. The dress is a scuba material, so it's very flattering and just sucks you in. Since it's summer, I decided to accessorize with white, rather than black. I'm also loving the cuff necklace with the strapless cut.

Now I'm back to studying, and starting to get nervous as my exam is getting closer.  I hope you are all having a great start of the week!

Skirt & Trainers

H&M Skirt (similar) | Zara Top (similar) | Asos Trainers (out of stock, similar) | Asos Sunglasses | Longchamp Bag 

My good friend and study buddy took these photos. The lighting wasn't ideal since it was bucketing, and this area was sheltered. It was an extremely warm day, so despite the rain, it was a good outfit choice. The skirt is extremely comfortable and stretchy. It was a study day (like all my days, lets be real). I kept it casual with trainers (which I FINALLY found again online, and they immediately went out of stock, so if you want them, keep an eye out). I honestly don't think I have worn a skirt and trainers since I was like thirteen, and I really like it! One of the reasons I started this blog was to inspire myself to get out of the box I had been stuck in for so many years. I think I'm really starting to go out of my comfort zone.

This morning I am heading over to my friends to revise. I find it's good to change up the location every now and again, especially when you are studying for weeks and weeks on end. This evening I am going to my boyfriends graduation ball, so hopefully I can snap some pictures to share with you!