Earth Tones

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This is such a classy combination, which can be worn day or night, which I love. I like that the top is simple, but has that interesting feel with the side slits, while the rest is covered. I'm also all about the cuff bracelets and necklaces. The choker trend isn't quite my style, but this necklace is, so it's all about adapting the trends to fit you. I have loved neutrals long before they became 'in fashion'. However, the fact that they are in at the moment, means staying away from shops has become a must, if I want to actually eat that month. There are so many gorgeous pieces, and I wish I could own everything in this post, but for now I will settle on this wooden clutch.

This weekend I learned a bit about using photoshop, and guys it's so complicated! The key is to learn one new thing to do every now and again when I feel inspired, otherwise it would just be too overwhelming. Also yesterday I went into town for lunch, and it's so warm! Summer has totally happened while I have been sitting on my sofa studying (which btw is still very much happening). I hope you all have a great week with great weather!