F&F Jacket (similar) | F&F Ski Trousers (similar) | Head Jumper (similar) | Humanic Boots (similar & my next years purchase!)

Here are some photos from my weekend away skiing! I really love skiing, and it's something I have done since I was a child, but only every year or two for a few days. Since moving away from the Canary Islands, I have really started to try and improve my skiing by going regularly at least once every year. I went with a big group of friends, so it was really nice to ski with other people and push myself to improve. This is the outfit I have, and I love it. The only downside is you can't be seen very well, which if it's very foggy (which at the top it was!) you are at risk of not being seen. I always rent a helmit along with my skis, and get it in black or red, so I would recommend doing so if you want to resemble a snow bunny (like I totally do!).

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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