Red in Rain

Dare2be Jacket (similar) | Zara Jeans (similar) | Zara Cardigan (similar) | Calvin Klein Wellies (similar) | Longchamp Bag

The weather last weekend was pretty miserable, and while I always want to wear dressier outfits on the blog, sometimes you just have to keep it real. It was raining and cloudy, so I decided to wear my wellies and raincoat to run errands and then to the gym. This is what I would typically also wear for a walk in the forest or mountains, this time of year. In Summer, I would just wear trainers and not wear the cardigan underneath.

This week has actually gone by pretty quickly. Today I'm back at the farm, treating cows this time. Cows are really very sweet animals, so it's heartbreaking to learn about the dairy industry and of course it is connected to the meat industry, since they have to have a new calf every year. One of my goals in life, is to become vegan. I am definitely not there yet, but I no longer eat meat since studying veterinary medicine. 

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Icelandic Jumper

Jumper (similar) | Mango Jeans (similar) | Zara Heels (similar) | CCC Bag (similar) | Iam Earrings (similar)

An oversized jumper is a must in anyones wardrobe. I decided to borrow my boyfriend's icelandic one this weekend (which was actually made by his mother, so I have linked similar scandinavian options below). I love the pattern and most importantly how warm it is, since it's wool. Paired with skinny jeans and a good pair of heels, it can be pulled off without looking like you are drowning in it.

This weekend I went to see 'how to be single' with some friends, and it was such a fun movie. I think Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann are absolutely hilarious, and perfect for comedy.Yesterday I had a long trip to a horse farm. This semester we seem to have even more farm trips than usual, which is cool but perhaps not my favourite, since I want to work with small animals when I graduate. I hope you all have a fabulous week!

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Little Black Dress

Zara Dress (similar) | Thermal Tights (similar) | Zara Heels (similar) | Mango Bag (similar) | Earrings (similar)

Who doesn't love a good classic little black dress? I have had this one for years, and love it. Unfortunately it shrunk somewhat in the wash (which explains why it's so short!), so I can only get away with wearing it during Winter with thermal tights (and I'm actually wearing thermal leggings under the thermal tights!). I kept this outfit simple and all black, with a touch of colour or brightness with my nude bucket bag (which you have probably seen me wear to death, eg: here & here). I love the fit & flare style of this dress, and the pleated skirt keeps it easy to transition through daytime as well as night.

Pirate Ship

Esprit Coat (similar) | Zara Jeans (similar) | Hugo Boss Loafers (similar) | Tommy Hilfiger Jumper (similar)

How incredibly cool is the backdrop of todays photos?! I was visiting my cousin for the day and she lives near a lake where this pirate ship was parked for the Winter. Also the fog made it impossible to see much at all, which I actually think looks pretty in photographs. The shoe portion of this outfit was clearly not the most appropriate, seeing as there is snow on the ground. However, when there was no snow at my place, so I didn't even think to realize when I left that morning. I love that they add colour and a bit of fun to the outfit. Navy is one of my all-time favourite colours, but like with black it can become a little too boring if no colour is added into the outfit.

This weekend I spent mostly at home, since I had such a busy week. School days tend to get extremely busy for me, and I rarely have a moment at home all day. The only way to avoid losing my mind is by completely unwinding during the weekends. Saturday I went out for dinner with my boyfriend, as an early Valentines Day celebration. Sunday we spent at home and I made us a tortilla (Spanish omelette) for the first time (my boyfriend makes it better though!). I hope your week is going well.

Fashion Week Outfit Inspiration

I have visited Vienna for several years now for Fashion Week, and I definitely look forward to it every year. Unfortunately it's only once a year in September. I would love to one day be able to visit New York Fashion Week, I mean how incredible would that be?! Plus being in NYC would in itself be awesome, since I have never visited, but it's totally on my list. If you are going to Fashion Week in your city and have no idea what to wear, my recommendation is to keep it simple and stick to classic pieces, but let them be somewhat unique. This is what I would love to wear, if I was going (and budget permitting!)

I have the day off classes today, which is so nice, seeing as I finally get to sleep in. I have also started back at the gym, which I never thought I would say, but I'm actually really enjoying! My plan for today is to catch up on reading some of my favourite blogs and do some work for Uni. Have a great weekend!

Winter White

New Yorker Coat (similar) | Zara Jeans (similar) | Ezzio Booties (similar) | Tommy Hilfiger Jumper (similar) | Zara Bag (similar) | Watch (similar) | Ring (similar)

Classic pieces are what I always find myself gravitating to, no matter what. I love that you can easily pick a few key pieces out in you wardrobe, add a nice coat and heels and you look perfectly put together. Looking stylish with minimum effort in a fast-paced world is what most of us need. Neutrals are also incredibly versatile and easy to combine many different ways, but a pop of colour can really liven an outfit.

I'm back at university now, and busy doing rectal exams on horses and cows (we vets do other things too, I promise!). I bet you would never guess just from seeing my outfit posts. Helping animals has always been something I have been passionate about, ever since I was very young. The fact that everyday I am getting closer to my dream is an incredible feeling. I hope you all are having a great day and working on achieving your goals!

Khaki & Brown

Zara Vest (similar) | New Yorker Top (similar) | Zara Jeans (similar) | Humanic Boots (similar) | Michael 
 Kors Bag (similar) | Asos Sunglasses (similar)

This is one of my favourite easy, comfortable and put together outfits. I have really started having a thing for army green, it's almost like a neutral to me and goes with almost anything. I know I have been sharing these winter boots (finally found a similar pair!) a lot lately, but I only have two pairs with me at home, and the rest are at Uni. They are perfect for the snow though. Does anyone else struggle with having two wardrobes in two homes? It's definitely a first world problem I am fortunate to have, but as a fashion blogger, it can sometimes prove tricky creating outfits.

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2-in-1: Smart vs. Casual

New Yorker Jumper (similar) | New Yorker Top (similar) | Tally Weijl Skirt (similar) | Boohoo Sunglasses (similar) | Zara Heels (similar) | Clutch (similar) | H&M Necklace (similar)

I love how easily you can switch up a smart look to a more casual one. I wasn't sure which way this jumper would look best, so I tried taking pictures of both and ended up loving both options. The colour of this jumper is my absolute favourite thing about it, but the oversized, relaxed fit is definitely an added bonus. 

I hope you are all off to a great week! I'm almost all caught up on The Good Wife, and I have started watching some movies again, which rarely happens while I'm at university, so it has been really nice.

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