Hair Extensions Review

 I have wanted to get clip-in extensions for years now. I wasn't really looking for extra length, but mainly more volume of hair. Several weeks ago Irresistible Me contacted me asking if I would like to review their product. I read up on their company and saw they use real human hair, and therefore agreed. I can treat the extensions the same way I would my natural hair.

The packaging was nothing too special, but the box is practical and I continue to use it to store my extensions when I am not using them. You get a 3 weft clip-in in the small section, to open first and be sure the colour match is correct. If it isn't you can return it, without the rest being opened. There were no tangles or nots, and the extensions were kept together with a hair net. I found the hair net and elastic band on the extensions to not be the best, since it was tricky to remove and pulled at the hair.

I chose the royal extensions in medium brown (#4), 18 inches and 140g. The box came with one 4 weft piece which adds the most hair, and is quite heavy, but perfect if you are in a hurry and just want a little something more. There were three 3 weft pieces (including the sample one), two 2 weft pieces and two 1 weft pieces excellent for the sides. These give me a tiny bit extra length, which I wanted if my hair grows, and mainly the volume. The 140g is more than enough for me, and I only wear them all on a night out, since it is a lot of hair. I like to just wear a few for blog shoots or a regular day.

I had never used any form of extensions before, so I was very pleasantly surprised with how easily they clipped in. I would recommend to get a good sized clip for you (small in my case!) aswell as a comb with a pointed side for an easier application. I just bought these in my local supermarket. A hand mirror is also extremely useful to check as you go.

 Overall my opinion of these extensions is that they are very good quality, none of my friends noticed I was wearing them (which was my goal!) and even I can't tell most of the time which piece is the extension and which is mine. This is a very good sign in my opinion. I think the packaging could be improved slightly, but at the end of the day, I care about the actual extensions a lot more than the packaging. I have also tried straightening them, and it was like straightening my own hair (only I was holding it in my hand!).

Have you ever tried clip-in hair extensions? I would love to hear your opinions!

Thanks for reading!