Tommy Hilfiger Pullover | Vogele Top (similar and seen here) | Zara Jeans (similar) | H&M Flats (similar here & here) | Zara Bag (similar here & here)

These are the last photos I took on my old camera, but I really loved this outfit and wanted to share. These were taken in Vienna last time I was there a while ago. I really do love when my handbag and shoes match perfectly sometimes! Total coincidence that these two pieces happened to be the same shade of blue. A cream jumper is definitely a must in any girls wardrobe, since it just goes with everything.

Yesterday I arrived back home in Austria, and I´m so happy about it, and so is Cindy! I am planning on teaching my mum how to use my new DSLR camera which I got for my birthday. Do you have any fun Halloween plans? I haven´t planned anything this year, may just stay home and watch Hocus Pocus, since I have never actually seen it and always wanted to!

Shorts & Over-the-Knee Boots

H&M Jumper (similar here & here) | New Yorker Top (similar) | H&M Boots | Georges Rech Bag (similar) | Six Earrings (similar here & here) | Boohoo Sunglasses (similar)

I wore this outfit to lunch this past weekend. It was actually a really nice sunny day, but of course still chilly. I love the look of over-the-knee boots with shorts, and then layered with a flowy chiffon top and jumper to stay cosy. These boots are my newest purchase and I love them, and highly recommend to anyone looking for some affordable, dressy but comfortable boots. I also don't go anywhere without my scarf these days, so that needed to be part of the outfit!

This past weekend was really fun, and I went to an Oktoberfest party, and even made my own costume. I really wanted to get a good picture before I left of my outfit, but completely ran out of time. I did however share a picture on my twitter, so you can kind of see it there. Yesterday I had an exam (they are starting already!!) and finished the day off with a gym session before I head home tomorrow! Have a great week!

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Travel Outfit

Zara Top (similar) | Zara Jeans (similar) | Deichmann Wedges (similar) | Mango Sunglasses | Michael Kors Bag (outlet version) | Samsonite Suitcase

This is a typical travel outfit for me, in Summer. If it's Winter then I am usually wearing booties. I also have my Betty Barclay blazer (similar) and Zara jacket (similar) with me, since I get really cold on the plane (both seen here). This was a pretty warm outfit to be wearing in Turkey, but I literally went from air-conditioned hotel to bus to airport so it was perfect. I usually try to wear comfortable wedges or boots when I travel since they take up the most space in my suitcase otherwise. I also have some thick socks & a neck pillow in my handbag for when I am on the plane! What do you like to travel in?

 Yesterday I went to my first ever yoga class! It was very relaxing but also quite hard, since I am not very flexible at all. Really look forward to going again, and hopefully I can keep it up. I also went on a bit of a hunt for pieces to DIY an Oktoberfest costume for a party this weekend, still missing a few things so fingers crossed it works out! Do you guys have any fun plans for this weekend?

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Biker Black

Zara Faux Leather Jacket | New Yorker Top (similar & seen here) | Zara Leggings (similar) | H&M Shoes (similar here & here) | Boohoo Sunglasses (similar)

I am so in love with this faux leather jacket. I have wanted a faux leather one for a long time, but always found them to be too masculine or edgy for my style. When I found this peplum one at Zara I had to have it. The reason for which I wanted a faux leather, is because I am trying to not wear/purchase many leather items for cruelty reasons. That isn't to say I won't wear or buy any leather, just something I am trying to be more conscious about. I love how it dresses up a casual outfit and adds an edge, but still keeping it girly. 

This weekend has been very relaxed, and I have spent most of it at home. I went out Friday night with friends, and then proceeded to recover the entire Saturday. I have caught up on the new Greys Anatomy episodes, and absolutely loving it. I have been watching the series for years and years, and still can't get enough! Another favourite, is The Good Wife, really great show focusing on a law firm. Hope you all have a great week!

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Style Inspiration: Miranda Priestly

The Devil Wears Prada is one of my all-time favourite movies. Not only does it revolve around fashion, but it also focuses on a very successful business woman, Miranda Priestly. She works at Runway fashion magazine as editor-in-chief, and her opinin is the only one that matters. She carries herself with incredible grace and elegance, and keeps her emotions to herself, an important quality in remaining professional. Her style in the movie is so effortless and perfectly put together. I wish there were more movies showcasing successful women and great fashion.

Recently I was contacted by Farfetch asking if I would like to enter their competition to win a $350 voucher. I had to recreate a look of a fashion iconic movie moment. Some of the other movie choices were The Great Gatsby, Sex & the City and Breakfast at Tiffanys. 

The pieces I chose to recreate the look are in my opinion very timeless and classic. I love the cut and drape flow of the dress, with a belt to emphasize a waist. The red gloves are the perfect pop, which also go very well with the purple dress. The handbag is probably my favourite item, simple and structured but with a beautiful round handle. The lace heels were the perfect shoe, adding a mix of texture, but still toned down.

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Grey for Days

  One of my favourite neutral for Autumn and Winter is grey. I just think it looks great with almost any other colour, aswell as making the perfect accessory. Of course, if I weren't a vet student on a limited budget I would buy all of these pieces. I think they would look great all together as a smart, business but also casual outfit. Definitely a great outfit to wear to work and then catch dinner or drinks later. Also of course any of these individual pieces would look incredible paired with other colours.

I just got back from lessons, took blood from a calf and did a general check-up on it. Then I had clinic hours and learned how to give fluids and antibiotics to turtles, which was really cool. I am heading to a spinning class in a couple hours and that will make three times at the gym this week, which is my goal! Hope you all have a great weekend!! :)

Orange & Camel

H&M Top (similar) | Mango Jeans | Tommy Hilfiger Cardigan | Stradivarius Wedges (similar) | Bag (similar)| Mango Sunglasses

I wore this outfit several weeks ago when my brother was visiting from the UK. We did a daytrip to Dunakiliti, Hungary. There is a great typical restaurant there by one of the Danube rivers branches, and they also have miniature farm animals which is really cute and they are all well taken care of. It was a slightly chilly day so long jeans and a cardigan were perfect.

The weekend flew by I felt. I went to a soup event with some friends from class and it was really fun, and I tried the most delicious pumpkin soup. I also managed to drag myself to the gym Sunday evening, something I am very proud of. My goal this year is to go three times a week, so far so good! What do you guys like to do at the gym? I sometimes like to go to classes too, especially spinning.

Hair Extensions Review

 I have wanted to get clip-in extensions for years now. I wasn't really looking for extra length, but mainly more volume of hair. Several weeks ago Irresistible Me contacted me asking if I would like to review their product. I read up on their company and saw they use real human hair, and therefore agreed. I can treat the extensions the same way I would my natural hair.

The packaging was nothing too special, but the box is practical and I continue to use it to store my extensions when I am not using them. You get a 3 weft clip-in in the small section, to open first and be sure the colour match is correct. If it isn't you can return it, without the rest being opened. There were no tangles or nots, and the extensions were kept together with a hair net. I found the hair net and elastic band on the extensions to not be the best, since it was tricky to remove and pulled at the hair.

I chose the royal extensions in medium brown (#4), 18 inches and 140g. The box came with one 4 weft piece which adds the most hair, and is quite heavy, but perfect if you are in a hurry and just want a little something more. There were three 3 weft pieces (including the sample one), two 2 weft pieces and two 1 weft pieces excellent for the sides. These give me a tiny bit extra length, which I wanted if my hair grows, and mainly the volume. The 140g is more than enough for me, and I only wear them all on a night out, since it is a lot of hair. I like to just wear a few for blog shoots or a regular day.

I had never used any form of extensions before, so I was very pleasantly surprised with how easily they clipped in. I would recommend to get a good sized clip for you (small in my case!) aswell as a comb with a pointed side for an easier application. I just bought these in my local supermarket. A hand mirror is also extremely useful to check as you go.

 Overall my opinion of these extensions is that they are very good quality, none of my friends noticed I was wearing them (which was my goal!) and even I can't tell most of the time which piece is the extension and which is mine. This is a very good sign in my opinion. I think the packaging could be improved slightly, but at the end of the day, I care about the actual extensions a lot more than the packaging. I have also tried straightening them, and it was like straightening my own hair (only I was holding it in my hand!).

Have you ever tried clip-in hair extensions? I would love to hear your opinions!

Thanks for reading!

Navy Dress

Mango Dress | Ralph Lauren Sandals (similar) | Mango Sunglasses 

This dress was such a great purchase. I love the chiffon material, and how flowy and airy it is. I wore this in Turkey on a very hot day when we visited Antalya. I rolled up the sleeves, since it was so warm, and I personally preferred the look. There was actually a point at which I got so warm I just poured water on myself to cool down and it was fine, because you couldn't actually tell!

The weather this weekend was gorgeous, so I made the most of it and went up the mountain for a short walk, which isn't something I do often. I decided to take it easy and just relax at home for the better part of the weekend too and just went for date night on Saturday. Also on Sunday, my boyfriend made a really good barbecued salmon on our balcony for the first time, which was delicious.

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White & Stripes

Zara Top (similar here & here) | New Yorker Shorts (similar) | Longchamp Bag | Ralph Lauren Sandals (similar) | Mango Sunglasses

I wore this in Turkey, when we visited the ancient town of Phaselis. It is located in a national park, and has gorgeous sand beaches, aswell as pebble beaches ideal for snorkelling. White on white was definitely my favourite combination throughout the holiday, and a great staple for hot weather. I also like how the stripes give it that nautical feel paired with white.

This week has been eventful. I went on a farm trip with my class to vaccinate calves, which was great for experience and practice, and I definitely feel I am gaining confidence with handling farm animals. A couple days ago I had to visit a slaughterhouse for the first time, it was pigs. I don't really share my views here about how I feel on animal cruelty, but it's definitely something that has been impacting me since I started vet school. If you care for animals and you wish them well, then think about eating less meat, or focus on it being organic or ideally game meat. Game meat is shot on the spot in it's natural habitat, rather than having to travel sometimes many hours to a slaughterhouse, where a horrific death follows.

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