Shorts & Black Top

Vogele Top (similar) | Bershka Shorts (similar) | Zara Sandals (similar) | Zara Bag (similar) | Boohoo Sunglasses (similar)

I wore this outfit to Loro Parque the zoo in Tenerife (read more here). I was really happy with my choice, since it was put together and smart yet still incredibly comfortable. Lately I have been more into tucking my top into my jeans or shorts, and it just gives off a much more polished look. My hair was messy and needed to be washed, so the best way to deal with it was to put it in a doughnut bun. My bag also happened to be the perfect size to carry snacks, water and sunscreen.

This morning I went to the pool with my mum, since the weather has picked up and it looks like Summer isn't quite ready to leave yet. I am extremely happy about this, since it's by far my favourite season.

Pink Skirt

New Yorker Top (similar) | New Yorker Skirt (similar here & here) | Ralph Lauren Sandals (similar) | Guess Bag (similar) | Zara Sunglasses (similar)

 The weather has been really bizarre lately here in Austria. It went from 38 degrees to 20 in a day. Now, thankfully it's rising back at around 30 degrees. I love the Summer so I am definitely not ready to go back to wearing boots for the next eight months or so. I can't wait to one day move to a warm country, but unfortunately it will have to wait until I graduate and can afford to do that. I spent the weekend at home recovering from some virus I seem to have caught, but also seem to finally be rid of!

This skirt is one of my favourites, since I love this light shade of pink. I remember when I purchased it about last year, I was between this one and a fuchsia bright one from H&M. Definitely happy I chose the ligher pink, since I get so much wear out of it. I love wearing it with a loose top in the Summer and some cute sandals. Unfortunately whenever I take these pictures, the sunflowers have already gone to bed, hence the drooping heads! See here too.

Tenerife & Loro Parque (Canary Islands)


Playa de las Teresitas, Santa Cruz


El Durazno, Puerto de la Cruz

Playa Jardín, Puerto de la Cruz


Today I wanted to share some pictures I took while in Tenerife. While I didn't do a whole lot of sightseeing (I did grow up there), I did manage to revisit some of my favourite places. Especially, Loro Parque, which I have mentioned before, is an amazing zoo. When I was younger I had the annual card and together with my Dad, we would go almost every weekend, so it brought back some great memories. As you may know, I am not the biggest fan of zoos, and there are some animals, like the Orcas who simply could never have enough space to stay in captivation. However, I do strongly believe the animals are very well taken care of, they have beautiful enclosures, most with running water. The workers hide most of their food so as to keep them entertained and stimulated searching for it/digging it out. I have visited other zoos, and so far none have compared even close. You can read more about Loro Parque Fundación here if you are interested.

As you may have noticed from the above pictures, Tenerife has black beaches, with the exception of a couple on the island which have imported sand from the Sahara Desert. This is due to it being a volcanic island. I love the contrast of beach and mountains, the best of both worlds if you ask me.

This week I have been back in Austria, and while the last few days I seem to have come down with a virus, it seems to be slowly getting better. Can't get enough of catching up on youtube videos and my favourite series. Caught up on Pretty Little Liars last week and can't wait for it to resume. I am also in the process of catching up on Suits, another big favourite. What are your favourites series?

Blush Top & Shorts

Apricot Top (similar here & here) | Bershka Shorts (similar) | Ralph Lauren Sandals (similar here & here) | Mango Bag (similar) | Zara Sunglasses (similar)

I have had this top for about 5 years or more, but I still love it. I love how unique and dressy it is. Paired with denim shorts and sandals it gives a more casual, yet still put together feel. I have always been a big lover of neutrals, as you have probably seen throughout my blog posts by now. Blush is definitely an all-time favourite, especially for the Spring/Summer seasons. I snagged these sandals for an absolute steal when I was in Tenerife, they had amazing discounts in Fund Grube if you live there, definitely check it out! 

I am seriously so happy to be home, while at the same time completely exhausted. I swear I accumulate tiredness, and have months of sleep to catch up on. It has finally started raining a couple days ago, which has been a welcome change from the 38 degrees we have been experiencing here in Austria. Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. Chat soon!

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Beach Shorts & Flowy Top

Mango Top (similar) | Zara Shorts (similar) | Ralph Lauren Flip-flops (similar here & here) | Trussardi Sunglasses (similar)

I live in flowy tops all year around, but Summer is definitely a time when I take things to the next level. Shorts and a flowy top are the easiest items to throw on and remain as cool as possible. I also find this style of top keeps it slightly more put together, just in case you need to stop by and meet someone or go to the shops. It has been incredibly hot since I got back from Tenerife, so I have been trying to get my wardrobe to work with it too. I wore this outfit when I went to a small beach in Garachico, in the North of Tenerife.

Today I am heading back home after spending almost a week moving flats and unpacking. Cindy stayed with my mum and I have missed her so much, can't wait to see her soon!

Blue Printed Skirt

H&M Top (similar) | H&M Skirt (similar here & here) | Zara Sandals (similar) | Zara Bag (similar) | Boohoo Sunglasses (similar)

This blue skirts is one my favourite, especially since it's not something you would maybe typically think to dress down. I have had it for a couple years and always just wore it out with heels. Really like how it ties in the sandals and bag, even though they are different blues. I wore this to meet friends in town and generally run errands. I also noticed I have been wearing these sunglasses non-stop, but they just go really nicely with everything, I can't quite help myself.

I am now back from Tenerife, and have spent the last few days moving flats at Uni, which has been so exhausting. Can't wait to go home and have some time to myself to indulge in all my series and youtube videos I haven't seen in the last month!

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White & Camel

Top (similar) | H&M Skirt (similar style but different pattern) | Stradivarius Wedges (similar) | Boohoo Sunglasses (similar)

I have really been trying to wear less black since being here in Tenerife. I am a big lover of all-white outfits, and love seeing different cuts and styles of clothing in white styled. One of the reasons I really wanted some nude/camel wedges, was to wear them with white or light coloured outfits. I have also been wearing skirts a lot more, and it's the first thing I look to when I walk into a shop these days. I am sadly flying back to Austria tomorrow. It has been an amazing few weeks here, and I'm so happy I got to see my friends and get in some clinic practice too. I have a few more posts from here for you next week, one showing some of the beautiful nature. Hava great weekend!

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Brown Wedges & Ripped Denim

Zara Shirt (similar here & here | Mango Jeans (similar) | Stradivarius Wedges (similar here & here)| Boohoo Sunglasses (similar)

Love the views here, seriously didn't appreciate it enough when I lived here! I bought these wedges on sale, however they are unfortunately no longer available, but I have linked a couple similar ones. I have been loving the style of these, which seem to have become quite popular this Summer. Also great since they can be adjusted at the back, which makes them more comfortable. I had been on the hunt for a pair of nude/brown wedges for a while, so I'm really happy I found these. Also I have been really into tucking my shirt/top into my jeans/shorts lately, and think it just makes an outfit look so much more put together. What do you think?

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