Slovenia: Lake Bled & Ljubljana



Here are some pictures from my trip to Slovenia. I went with a few friends, and we drove there, which was a lot of fun, since I very rarely go on roadtrips. Slovenia was gorgeous, I was honestly surprised at how beautiful the nature was. My favourite part by far was the walk we did by the river, I just loved the clear water and sound of it crashing against the rocks. We took a rowing boat out to the Islet in the middle of Lake Bled, and it was such a beautiful sunny day (I got pretty sunburnt!) and then went for a quick dip in the water, which surprisingly was not as warm. We spent two full days in Lake Bled, and the last day on our journey back, spent the morning in Ljubljana.

It was definitely a great break from studying, and made me feel like I could get back and continue with exams. I think I will try and do the same next year. In other news I passed a big exam on Wednesday and I am so happy, feel like I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Summer is close and I can't wait to start my holiday! I have a couple more exams left, but I hope they will go quickly :)