My Summer Must-Haves

1. The Perfect BikiniThis is something I can spend hours looking for, whether online or in shops. I like my bikinis to be different/original and fit well. Here you can find some gorgeous bikinis, which are affordable. I love the tropical print one with the bird, I mean so cute! You all know I love animals. I am also really liking the palm tree print trend. Since I don’t tend to wear a tonne of colour, this black & white one is definitely a bikini I would get so much use out of.

2. Face Sunscreen: This is hands down the best sunscreen I have ever owned, because it is a matt one.  My issue with every other one I have tried, is it leaves me with a shiny face. However, I am also paranoid about premature aging and too many freckles, so no sunscreen is definitely not an option.

3. A Classic Little White Dress (LWD) (similar currently in stock!): I believe this is the one! I found it so hard to find the perfect LWD. It had to be versatile. You can dress it up or down, it doesn’t show too much skin, but isn’t too long. I also wanted it to be smart enough to be able to wear to work (depending on where you work of course).

4. A Sunhat: The easiest way to add a touch of glamour and shield yourself from the Sun, protecting your face, shoulders and eyes. I think black is the most elegant.

5. Sea Salt Spray: I have very frizzy hair, and always feel the need to straighten it or curl it. I remembered a few weeks ago, how my hair used to look really good during the Summer when I lived in the Canary Islands. I would spend most days by the beach, and the salt helped it look beachy without the frizz. I picked up this spray  recently, and have barely used any heat on my hair since.

6. Nautical Accessories: I love anything nautical, it’s so classy and navy & blue is such a gorgeous combination in my opinion. I love this knot bracelet in silver, since it’s very versatile, but dressier than if it were rope.  I have wanted anchor sandals, for probably years now, so want to get these!

7. Classic Black Sunglasses: I am a big fan of the cat-eye, it is such a flattering shape, and in black goes with everything. Since they don’t have any metal, you can wear them with gold or silver, so perfect for travelling if you just want to take one pair (although why take just one pair right?!).