My Summer Must-Haves

1. The Perfect BikiniThis is something I can spend hours looking for, whether online or in shops. I like my bikinis to be different/original and fit well. Here you can find some gorgeous bikinis, which are affordable. I love the tropical print one with the bird, I mean so cute! You all know I love animals. I am also really liking the palm tree print trend. Since I don’t tend to wear a tonne of colour, this black & white one is definitely a bikini I would get so much use out of.

2. Face Sunscreen: This is hands down the best sunscreen I have ever owned, because it is a matt one.  My issue with every other one I have tried, is it leaves me with a shiny face. However, I am also paranoid about premature aging and too many freckles, so no sunscreen is definitely not an option.

3. A Classic Little White Dress (LWD) (similar currently in stock!): I believe this is the one! I found it so hard to find the perfect LWD. It had to be versatile. You can dress it up or down, it doesn’t show too much skin, but isn’t too long. I also wanted it to be smart enough to be able to wear to work (depending on where you work of course).

4. A Sunhat: The easiest way to add a touch of glamour and shield yourself from the Sun, protecting your face, shoulders and eyes. I think black is the most elegant.

5. Sea Salt Spray: I have very frizzy hair, and always feel the need to straighten it or curl it. I remembered a few weeks ago, how my hair used to look really good during the Summer when I lived in the Canary Islands. I would spend most days by the beach, and the salt helped it look beachy without the frizz. I picked up this spray  recently, and have barely used any heat on my hair since.

6. Nautical Accessories: I love anything nautical, it’s so classy and navy & blue is such a gorgeous combination in my opinion. I love this knot bracelet in silver, since it’s very versatile, but dressier than if it were rope.  I have wanted anchor sandals, for probably years now, so want to get these!

7. Classic Black Sunglasses: I am a big fan of the cat-eye, it is such a flattering shape, and in black goes with everything. Since they don’t have any metal, you can wear them with gold or silver, so perfect for travelling if you just want to take one pair (although why take just one pair right?!).

Navy Striped Skirt

Stradivarius Skirt (similar here & here) | Forever21 Top | Michael Kors Clutch (similar) | Boohoo Sunglasses (similar) | Sandals (similar)

I bought this skirt last week, on sale. Really love the classic navy & white stripes in general, and I like that these are larger and vertical, compared to this skirt. I chose to pair it with white accessories, since I am really trying to wear a little less black this Summer. I would also wear this with a white shirt or blouse to make it a little less casual and maybe add some wedges.

 Love the background in these pictures! In case you didn't know, I am spending some time in Tenerife doing clinic practice and meeting up with old friends. I have really missed this gorgeous view, almost everywhere you can see the sea and mountains. This weekend I went to Loro Parque, which is the #1 zoo in Europe and #2 in the World apparently. While I am quite skeptical of zoos, I really feel this one does a great job. All the animals are taken care of and have beautiful areas full of tropical plants and fresh flowing water. Of course some animals, like the orcas, in my opinion will never have enough space or be able to live an acceptable life in a zoo. However, the zoo has done some amazing work at reintroducing animals which have been high on the extinction list. 

Hope you are having a great start to the week :)

Beige Shorts

Shirt (similar) | Mango Shorts (similar) | Zara Heels (similar) | Michael Kors Bag (outlet) | Boohoo Sunglasses (similar) | Bracelet (similar here & here)

I love this look, perfect way to smart up an outfit in this heat. I love wearing smarter shorts with a shirt or flowy top tucked in. Adding heels just adds a nice touch, and I think heels just make every outfit look better. The lace detailing on this shirt is so pretty and separates it from your average white shirt. 

I'm excited to get around my favourite island this weekend, since I have been at the clinic all week. Feel like I have seen lots and have gained some practice, which I really wanted. Plus, it's a great motivator since it reminds me why I'm studying so much constantly. Hopefully I will have lots of pretty pictures to share on instagram soon, since this week I have basically just been in the clinic. I'm also thinking of doing a travel post as well as sharing my favourite restaurants here in Tenerife. Let me know your thoughts.

White Maxi & Sunflowers

Mango Dress (similar here & here | Zara Shoes (similar) | Machine by Bassico Clutch (similar) | Ring (similar) | Pandora Bracelet

This has to be my all-time favourite outfit on the blog, mainly because I love how the pictures turned out. I mentioned I was trying to improve on the photos by taking them at the right time of day. I love this dress and the fact that it can be dressed up or down. In my case, I kind of have to wear it with heels or wedges, or it's too long. This is the perfect outfit for the Summer, to go to dinner somewhere, especially if you are on holiday. What do you guys think of the sunflowers? Turns out they turn their heads down in the evening, so they didn't look as good as during the day. 

I am now in Tenerife, doing clinic practice. Love being here and spending time with my best friend, who I hadn't seen in 3 years! I am trying to indulge in all the good food here, which I can't buy in Austria. I have since gotten very burnt though, so I am hoping the next step will be to look tanned?!

Strappy Heels & Shorts

Top (similar here & here) | Bershka Shorts (similar) | Necklace (similar here & here) | Blanco Heels (similar here & here) | Guess Bag (similar) | Asos Sunglasses  

I wore this outfit to go into the city and meet up with a good friend of mine, since we had both been grilling away at exams and hadn´t seen each other in months. I have gotten quite into tucking my top into my jeans or shorts lately. These heels have been sitting in a box under my bed for the past year, so it was time to take them out for a spin, I had forgotten how fun they are. If you have followed me for a while, you have probably noticed I don´t wear a tonne of accessories. Honestly, I love them on other people, but live in fear of over-accessorizing haha. Looking back at these photos, the outfit really needed that necklace I think. 

In other news, I am flying to Tenerife tonight! It has been too long since I was there last, and I can´t wait to see my best friend. Cindy will be flying with me for the first time, so I am hoping she will be ok, and is of course coming in cabin with me. I will hopefully have lots of fun posts to share with you soon, but I have a few lined up first. Have a great weekend!

Skirt & Turqouise Sandals

Vögele Top (similar) | H&M Skirt (similar here & here) | Guess Bag (similar) | Zara Sandals (similar here & here) | Boohoo Sunglasses (similar

My apologies for the bad lighting in some of these pictures, still learning when the best time of day to take pictures is. I love wearing this sandal and bag combination, because although different colours, I feel like they just go together. Especially since I tend to keep my actual outfits pretty neutral. I love flowy tops and skirts this time of year, since it´s really getting hot here in Austria (and will be hitting 38 degrees at the end of the week!). If you follow me on twitter, then you know our car air-con has decided to kick the bucket, such bad timing! Hoping it will be fixed ASAP.

I have seriously been enjoying being home after such a long exam period. On Sunday I spent the day by the pool with my cousin and girlfriend and it was absolutely blissful. I have loved water since I was a child and literally cannot wait until I one day have a pool of my own. Hoping to get some better photos for you all this week! 

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Rainy Day

H&M Top (similar) | Ralph Lauren Cardigan (similar here & here) | Jelly Sandals (similar) | Mango Jeans (similar

Hi guys! Hope you are all having a great Friday and have some fun plans for the weekend. I passed my last exam and am now back home! So happy about it, and the fact I don´t have to study again for months. Not sure what I will be doing this weekend yet, but it´s supposed to be 30 degrees on Sunday, so I am thinking a pool would be nice. 

This is the last outfit from my Slovenia trip. It was lightly raining in the morning, but wasn´t cold, and unfortunately I had only packed these jelly sandals and flip-flops (oops!). Luckily it stopped pretty quickly (after taking the pictures of course..). I get so much use out of this cardigan, since I wear mainly neutrals. It is also so soft, and I have had it for years. Definitely worth it. I added the sandals as my pop of colour.

Striped Skirt

H&M Skirt | New Yorker Top (similar) | Georges Rech Bag (similar) | Bata Wedges (similar) | Zara Sunglasses (similar)

Passed my second to last exam yesterday!! It was also a bigger one, so I am feeling so much closer to Summer now. I am hopefully going to be done with the last one soon too. It has been over 10 weeks of non-stop (except for the Slovenia trip) of studying, and I am so over it. Can't wait to start enjoying life again.

So this is one of my favourite outfits lately. I feel like I barely wear skirts, because it is just too cold in the Winter, and then come Summer I am inside studying. Can't wait to start wearing them more. I just love adding pops of colour to a basic outfit, and orange is such a fun one for Summer. Also, I have been avoiding heat styling my hair in order to give it a break, it actually didn't turn out too bad here :) Hope you all have a great week, talk soon!

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Slovenia: Lake Bled & Ljubljana



Here are some pictures from my trip to Slovenia. I went with a few friends, and we drove there, which was a lot of fun, since I very rarely go on roadtrips. Slovenia was gorgeous, I was honestly surprised at how beautiful the nature was. My favourite part by far was the walk we did by the river, I just loved the clear water and sound of it crashing against the rocks. We took a rowing boat out to the Islet in the middle of Lake Bled, and it was such a beautiful sunny day (I got pretty sunburnt!) and then went for a quick dip in the water, which surprisingly was not as warm. We spent two full days in Lake Bled, and the last day on our journey back, spent the morning in Ljubljana.

It was definitely a great break from studying, and made me feel like I could get back and continue with exams. I think I will try and do the same next year. In other news I passed a big exam on Wednesday and I am so happy, feel like I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Summer is close and I can't wait to start my holiday! I have a couple more exams left, but I hope they will go quickly :)