Hotel Chateau Bela (Part 2)

Happy Saturday! Hope you are all having a great start to the weekend. Today I am sharing the second part of my hotel review pictures. Here are some interior shots. The first few are of our room when we arrived, it was very spacious and there was also a entrance hallway which I forgot to take pictures of where the wardrobes were. The bathroom was amazing, I hope to have one like that one day. I really loved the interior of this hotel, there were so many lounge rooms, all beautifully decorated. 

The staff were all wondeful and very helpful. My only complaint would be the children in the restaurant in the evening, they were placed in the nicer of the two rooms both nights, and we were not aware children would be in that one. A few people moved, due to the loudness. The restaurant was very fancy, and there was no dress code, which definitely didn't fit too well. I have been to many hotels when I lived in the Canaries and there was always a dress code at the restaurants, and they were far less fancy than this one.

Last night I went to see Swan Lake and it was amazing! Makes me wish I was a ballerina. I absolutely loved the tutus! It was a lovely change to go to the theatre instead of the cinema, and get all dressed up.