Weekend in Budapest

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. I'm writing this as I head back home for Easter, which I am so excited about since it feels like a long time since I last saw my mum. Cindy (my cat) is not so thrilled about the turn of events, but she is always so happy once we get there and recognises home instantly. What are your plans for Easter? 

So two weekends ago I was in Budapest, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you probably know this. I have been a couple times before, as my best friend is Hungarian and has a Summer house there, which she very kindly offered for us to stay at. My boyfriend had never been so I was handed the job of tour-guide. 

We arrived Friday night. Saturday we visited the Cathedral and Castle which is a must and you have a stunning view across the river to the Parliament and Margaret Island (which is where the famous Sziget festival takes place each Summer). The architecture was stunning. In the afternoon, we crossed to the other side of the river and visited the Parliament up close and the downtown area which offers lots of affordable shops (think H&M, Zara, etc) as well as a great choice of restaurants. The weather was on our side, sunny and the perfect sightseeing temperature. In the evening we met up with a friend. 

Sunday we visited Heroes square, Transylvania Castle (it's actually called Vajdahunyad) and the famous Szechenyi spa. I love the castle, it features copies of several landmark buildings from Hungary (back in the 19th to 20th Century). One of them is a castle in Transylvania (Romania) hence why people refer to it that way. When you walk in there are different buildings from different time periods, which makes it such a cool place in my opinion. The spa is very old, but the architecture is stunning. The only thing is don't expect jacuzzis or bubbles of any sort. It is all about different pools of varying temperatures and minerals, as well as several saunas. I thought there would be some jacuzzis and so ended up slightly disappointed. However overall it was a great weekend, and I felt we managed to visit all the main sights. 

Have you ever been to Budapest? What was your favourite part?