Throwback: Iceland (Part 2)

A typical Icelandic horse. They are smaller than your average horse, but so cute and of course very resistant to the weather.

Here you can see where the lake and sea meet. 

I'm guessing you wouldn't expect this in Iceland! A heated outdoor swimming pool built strategically overlooking the sea. It looked amazing.

Hot springs.

Here we went Puffin bird watching! This is one of the things I was most excited about. There were lots and you could see them catching several fish at a time in their beaks. 

Overall it was an amazing trip, and the scenery was stunning. I lost count of how many waterfalls we visited, it's like the land of waterfalls! I loved it. And the Blue Lagoon is everything it's set up to be and more (at least in my tourist opinion haha). My only complaint was the weather, it was freezing, and that's in July! I'm not someone who deals well with the cold in general so this was a shame. If you go to Iceland, really bundle up and bring your warmest clothes even if it is supposed to be Summer.

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