Throwback: Iceland (Part 1)

Visiting the Geysir, this one is active and shoots up water every 5 minutes or so!

  At the Blue Lagoon (and I'm wearing a bandeau bikini, because I know what your all thinking haha)

A typical lava field.

 Detifoss waterfall, the most powerful in Europe. Check out the people in the bottom left corner for size comparison!

This was one of the coolest experiences. A hidden hot spring known only by some locals. We had to walk through a lava field and then know the exact location to go down to a small natural pool, warm of course!

So I though it would be fun to share some of my recent travels in the past year or so on the blog. I love looking at other peoples travel pictures, especially if it's a place I have never been too and really want to visit. So rewinding back to last Summer 2014. I went to Iceland for a week in July, to visit my boyfriend who is from there. Here are some of the highlights. I will post the other half next week in order to not bombard you with too many pictures at once.

Today is the costume party, which I'm very excited for (there will be falafel and hummus!) so check my instagram for an outfit picture. I'm going as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffanys (just a little sexed up haha, but I wanted a fun little black dress for future use). Plus you only live once.