Salzburg, Obendorf and Inseln Trip

Here are a few pictures from my trip to visit my brother and his family over Christmas. He lives in Germany, but near the border with Austria near Salzburg.

These are just a couple pictures of the mountains in Inseln (Germany). My nephews grandparents have an apartment here so we just came for the afternoon and took a walk around just as it was finally starting to snow!

This was in Oberndorf, a town in Austria, right next to the border with Germany. Here in this chapel is where the Christmas song Silent Night lyrics were composed apparently. It was destroyed, but this is the rebuilt version.

And finally one my favourite cities, Salzburg (Austria). It is such a charming city, with the old part having more of a town feel. There are so many small alleys and it almost gives a bit of a Harry Potter feel which I love.