New Years Eve Lace Dress

I´ve picked out two outfits which would be perfect for New Years Eve. I always see bloggers posting beautiful outfits with a snowy background, never did I realize just quite how cold that must´ve been, until now! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the second outfit.

I paired a lace dress with my new faux fur vest which I am absolutely obsessed with, it literally goes with everything! You will definitely be seeing lots of it this Winter! I love how the lace and fur combination looks. This dress is from one of my new favourite websites, boohoo. They have the cutest designs, and are extremely affordable. Plus, it´s now on sale! It´s almost the exact same one, just the sleeves are a little shorter.

I wore wine-coloured heels with a purple clutch (believe me, I tried and tried looking for a clutch to match the heels colourwise a few years ago and couldn´t!), I think it works well together, and I love the sparkly stone on it. I like keeping things fairly minimal with accessories and wore some saphire stud earings to go with the dress and a sparkly bracelet to add  a little bling.

Dress (Bohoo) | Heels (Zara) | Bag (Machine by Bassico) | Bracelet (Swarovski) | Zara Vest (similar)