Travelling with a cat

Being someone who takes their cat everywhere, I have over the years had to perfect what I take for her and how to make sure that no matter what she will be ok. It's like having a child, only it resembles more a ball of fluff. Living in Europe I travel a lot by train when going on holidays. I also travel fairly regularly back and forth from home and University.

Here is what I call her emergency kit. Now of course, if I am not going home or to University where I have everything for her, I also bring more kitty litter and food. However, should a flight be delayed or the train, or anything happens and she has no access to a toilet for an extended period of time, I like to be ready.

I always travel with this set, no matter what. The kitty litter box set with poop scoop and double bowls is a kitten set I bought at a local supermarket quite inexpensively. I then have a treat stick, a packet of wet food, a sample sized packet of dry food and some kitty litter. I only travel with this amount of kitty litter when I know there will be kitty litter at the other end, just enough for emergencies, so she knows she can go there.

Here is how I keep it all together. 

And here you can see how it is stored in my suitcase. I rarely need to touch it and replace the food perhaps once a year if there has been no occasion to use it. 

I also always travel with her favourite treats in my handbag for easy access aswell as a water bottle for animals (like a hamster bottle but slightly bigger). Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it. Cindy was getting too excited when she saw the bag of her favourite treats as you can see. 

I hope anyone worried about travelling with their cat finds this helpful. I will write up a post on her grooming kit which also comes with us and is used on a daily basis and post that soon.