DIY Coffee Table Decor

A while back I was looking for inspiration to decorate my extremely boring looking coffee table. I stumbled upon a few ideas on Pinterest and took it from there. I wanted to keep it budget friendly as I live in a rented apartment as well as being a full-time student. Here is a simple way to add some glamour to an otherwise quite plain room. Hopefully I can inspire you with some ideas for your own coffee table project.

What I used:
- Tray (wooden as it was LITERALLY the only one I could find, they were hiding from me!)
- White spray paint (for the tray)
- x2 Candle holders
- x2 Candles 
- Tea lights (these being the ones I actually use, scented if you prefer, which I absolutely do)
- Candle holder
- Small tray/plate/bowl (you can choose what to use for the potpourri)
- Potpourri

Here you can see all the items used:

The final result. The most time consuming part was the shopping and hunting down what I wanted. Unless you also plan on spray painting your tray or some other item, this should take no more than five minutes to set up.

I love how this turned out. Even ended up obsessing and oohing and aahing for days, even weeks after I had set it up. Drove everyone around me crazy with it. 

Hope you enjoyed my insight on this. Until next time x