Neutral Workwear

Karen Millen Jumper (also similar) | Karen Millen Trousers (similar here & here) | Primark Heels (similar) | Zara Bag (similar here & here)

Ok, so I never got to wear this with my job. Even pre-lockdown. But, it's up there with my fantasy life. For all you lucky ladies who do have office jobs you love, here is some inspiration. I also think this would be a great day in the city outfit when the weather is still chilly. Perfect season for it. 

I'm off work for a few days, and editing a day in the life vlog for my Youtube channel. Hope it turns out interesting for anyone who watches it! The last thing I want to do is bore everyone to tears. I've also got a favourite new show: Riverdale. Anyone else watching it? So good! Also love that there are a lot of seasons out, so I can properly binge-watch. 

What are your weekend plans?


Lavender Wrap Cardigan

 H&M Cardigan (similar here & here) | Karen Millen Leggings | Dune Boots 

Woohoo it's March, and Spring is around the corner. I am very excited, as we are renovating the barn outside and creating a living room extension along with an outdoor courtyard. So, I'm definitely daydreaming about wine and cheese evenings there. 

This cardigan is such a pretty colour, and I love a wrap style always. Mostly because it means I can eat all the creme eggs... of which I have already made a serious dent in. It's become tradition to receive a x48 box for Valentine's Day. Got 2 this year! So lucky, and well maybe it's time to eat some salad now. 

I hope you are all ready for a lovely weekend. I am working this one, but hoping to do some sort of vlog - and thereby giving you a bit of an insight into my work life. Very excited, as I've never done anything like this, so fingers crossed it works out!

Faux Fur & Booties

 Zara Faux Fur (similar) | Primark Jumper (similar here & here) | All Saints Jeans (similar) | Clarks Booties

First off, these booties are on sale! I wish I had not paid full price now haha, but they were SO worth it. I fell in love the moment I saw them. They are also super comfortable, and the perfect heel height. 

Secondly, I have uploaded another Youtube video! I would love it if you checked it out, and left me some feedback. I'm planning out my next video, and hoping to gradually improve my filming and editing skills. 

These photos were shot a few weeks ago, when there was some flooding in the area (hence the tree in the water!). I love this faux fur vest, and have had it for several years now. It always makes an appearance every Autumn/Winter. This was a very comfy, casual and put together outfit which would work well for most daily situations (eg a day in London *sigh* - can you tell I miss these?!). 

This week is a busy one for me, lots of nights working, as well as this weekend. I'm ready to have a week off though, and I hope to film some more Youtube content! 

Chat to you all soon :)

Tweed Skirt

 Karen Millen Jumper | Zara Skirt (similar) | Dune Boots | Michael Kors Bag (new version) | Zara Coat (similar)

Happy weekend everyone! I'm about to head to work, but I wanted to share with you all my first ever YouTube video (click here)! I hope to improve as they go on, but definitely feel I learned quite a bit from this one, and especially when I had to re-watch myself talking multiple times through editing! This is actually the second topic and about the 6th video I have filmed and edited, and I figured at this stage I just need to start posting them, and continuing to improve. It's hard not to be overly critical of oneself though! Would love it if you checked it out. 

This week I also started off by doing a really big surgery on a 40kg dog with a twisted stomach. He was discharged home a couple days later, so I hope he has continued to do well! 

Also, is this not the perfect Autumn/Winter outfit?! I imagine wearing this for a day in London, wandering around in flat boots but still really easily take the outfit from day to dinner. I love my large Michael Kors bag, bought it at the start of the hype in Europe around 2012 I believe. It's really practical, and great quality. 

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Winter Smart

 Primark Jumper (similar) | Zara Trousers (similar) | Zara Coat (similar here & here) | Furla Bag (similar) | Heels (similar style here & here)

Who else thinks they may have forgotten how to walk in heels?! Even trying to style an outfit for photos, my feet were well aware of the shoe situation. I miss dressing up! Luckily, I have this lovely blog to play with. It's like the adult version of playing dress up. Anybody else feel this way?

I'm starting this week off with lots of motivation, and a to-do list the length of my arm. I've also started yoga again, mostly for my back pain. I forgot just how good it feels! I have serious goals to make this a daily morning habit. They say it takes 30 days to 3 months, so fingers crossed I stick with it. 

I'm also planning on starting filming my first youtube video in the next few days. I've pretty much settled on the first topic. It's all a bit daunting and scary, when you've never done it but we'll put it all down to an interesting experience!

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead. Chat soon.