Smart in colder weather

 Calvin Klein Gilet (similar) | Zara Trousers (similar here & here) | Clarks Shoes (on sale!) | Karen Millen Cashmere Jumper (on SALE) | Gucci Sunglasses (similar)

So a couple weeks ago, I was able to visit Weymouth for a night with family. Such a pretty area, and I love love being by the coast. This outfit was great for a leisurely stroll around the coastline. We had planned to stop off for tea and scones, but it was a bit later in the day. 

I actually bought this gilet back in Florida in a TJMaxx and it has gotten so much wear! Don't you just love finds like that? 

I'm really enjoying working in day practice again, and sleeping during the night. I also enjoy working in a larger team, as it's really nice to bounce ideas off other people. Hope you are all having a lovely start to the week. 

Afternoon in London Dress & Trainers

Zara Dress (similar here & here) | Levi's Trainers (similar) | Zara Bag (similar) 

I finally made it back into London! It's only been over a year, and I live a 30 minute train ride away. My friend and I spontaneously decided to meet up here, since it's the easiest and fastest way for both of us. 

I forgot how much I love London. It was super busy, and it felt like everyone was outside enjoying the lovely weather. We walked around, had lunch in Covent garden and ended up walking past the Houses of Parliament and alongside the river Thames (my favourite area, along with Kensington and Knightsbridge).

I knew there would be walking, but I still wanted a cute outfit, that was also very floaty for the hot weather. This was perfect. I almost went with a smaller bag, but this way I could fit a lightweight jacket (which I ended up not even needing, but you never know!). 

I definitely have plans to return much more this Summer. What's your favourite part about London?

White Trainers by the beach


Zara Coat (similar) | All Saints Jeans (similar) | H&M Wrap Jumper (similar here & here) | Levi's Trainers (similar

So, I'm starting a new job next week - essentially self-employed for a bit as I plan my next move. Very excited for the future! I will miss working nights (I'm a night owl and it was often quite fun!), but it will be nice working in a larger team again. We've also cancelled our trip to Tenerife, which is sad but it makes planning a bit easier, as it was getting too unpredictable! Anyone else still struggling to make their holidays happen??

This outfit is from my time up North, the coat was brilliant and I had never worn it with trainers - but I picked these up in TKmaxx and love them! Such a great purchase. I really liked this look, but the wrap cardigan was a bit on the shorter side which I admittedly don't love. The colour though is just gorgeous. 

Ankle Boots by the sea

Zara Coat (similar) | All Saints Jeans (similar) | Karen Miller Cashmere Jumper | Clarks Boots | Scarf (similar here & here)

On Wednesday I drove up to Northumberland, and we stayed in Whitley Bay. I think I managed 1-2 hours sleep on my night shift, and then came home, packed and drove about 5 hours North. However, so so worth it! Felt like being on a proper holiday, and it was mostly spent with my partner's family. We had Fish and Chips (plus scraps! - if you know, you know), along with the best Ice-Cream. Total food fest. 

This outfit was perfect, and my fabulous new (as in barely worn still!) boots did the job perfectly. I just haven't had much opportunity to wear proper clothes, so this was extra exciting. Also, a cashmere jumper or 3 is a must - less layers required but delicious warmth. 

Hope you are having a lovely week so far. 


Black Ruffle Blouse

Nasty Gal Blouse (similar here & here) | All Saints Jeans (similar) | Zara Boots (similar here & here) | Zara Bag (similar here & here)

Can you believe it's May, and I only narrowly missed the rain for these photos? England doesn't follow any rules. It is however warmer, and I'm ready for Summer. My plans this weekend include swapping out my Winter to Summer wardrobe - as the Summer one is currently in the loft. Anybody else have to do this? Has anyone else slowly started their transition out of workout clothes and into normal clothes and make-up? I'm working on it! 

In other news, I have continued posting on my Youtube channel, and would love if you checked it out. My plan is to add in some lifestyle content, so if you have any suggestions of things you would like to see, please let me know!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. I'm about to head to a friends house, we're getting smoked salmon for dinner and watching Mean Girls. Can't wait!!